Friday, January 6, 2012

In Homans Head

Not much here, just a collection of songs in 2012 that have popped into my head at some point or another.

1 - Keith Richards - Runnin' Too Deep

Whilst pulling weeds in the front yard. Commentary on the task at hand or too much to get done overall? Only the shadow knows.

2 - Johnny Cash - Fourth Man In The Fire

For no other reason than the Man In Black is a badass, can can pull off singing anything.

3 - Van Halen - Tattoo

The band's latest effort with Mr. Roth, first release with him on vocals since 1996.

4- Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance

Weeks later and I still can't get that Van Halen song out of my head. I hear it's #1 on the Billboard Charts right now. Not shocked, but tired of having it run through my brain all day. There's no better song than The Humpty Dance to take care of that.

5 - Living Colour - Elvis Is Dead

I hope this one gets stuck in my head for a few months, I never get tired of this one.

6 - Van Halen - You And Your Blues

Holy crap is this new album incredible. Going with brother-in-law John to see them live in mid-June. Can DLR still hit these high notes live? I doubt it, but it should be an experience, just the same. Haven't seen them in concert in twenty years.

7 - The Dillinger Escape Plan - Widower

Love this song. I wish these guys would do more songs like this than the demon possessed stuff they tend to favor. I can see why Mike Patton digs this band.